Overhead transfer systems

METALSISTEM creates a range of conveyor systems able to convey loose components, pre-assembled components or diverse unit loads (pallets, containers, boxes, skids, skillets etc) in all phases of material handling within areas of production, storage, wrapping, sorting and distribution.

These systems can be used as transfer lines or can be inserted into existing storage areas or installations thus transforming a static warehouse to a dynamic warehouse. The solutions can include:
- Power & free system
- Electrified rail transystem
- Monorail overhead conveyors
- P&F box section overhead conveyors for light loads
- P&F 3- 4- 6 overhead conveyors for heavy loads
- Individually Motorised units for horizontal or inclined transport
- Automated lifting and transfer systems
- Vector robots
- Powered inclined trolley boosters
- Elevators

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